My work entails going through a transformation process with different types of material, patterns, textures, and layers. My mixed media paintings are made of various materials including stucco, acrylic paint, and oil paint, found objects, and photo transfers. Some of my paintings have female subjects incorporated into them, giving them a romantic quality to the surface. These qualities define my work and are used with the intention of inspiring new ways of thinking about feminity.

My studio is within the Hobbs Building; West bottoms of Kansas City, MO. This 7-story building is dedicated to artists, and one catering company. Biannual shows have been a part of its purpose for several years, inviting the public to experience this unique atmosphere.

A 1989 graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and currently working for Hallmark Cards Inc., as an Exhibit Designer, Dana Swedo Bernal has exhibited in shows throughout Kansas City. Some of her recent shows include: